Europe & UK Summer

Traveling to the UK and Europe between May and September offers an array of delightful experiences across countries like Italy, Spain, Croatia, Germany and so many more. In Italy, indulge in the Renaissance beauty of Florence, in Spain, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Barcelona and Madrid's delicious tapas. Croatia's coastal cities like Dubrovnik and Split offer idyllic turquoise waters and charming old towns. Germany showcases its captivating castles along the Rhine and marvel at the breath taking landscapes of the Cliffs of Moher and Giant's Causeway in Ireland. From cultural wonders to natural beauty, Europe in the spring and summer months promises an unforgettable journey. With Albatross Tours, your journey through the UK and Europe, becomes an unforgettable and truly extraordinary experience.

An Alpine Adventure

16 Breathtaking Days
  • Start: Zurich
  • Ends: Milan
  • Countries: France, Italy, Switzerland

Ride in panoramic carriages on the amazing Glacier Express passing over chasms and through the mighty Alps

Cradles of Civilisation, featuring Gallipoli, Cappadocia and those Greek Isles

24 Fascinating Days
  • Start: Istanbul
  • Ends: Athens
  • Countries: Greece, Turkey

Ancient Turkish Empires, iconic Greek Islands

Italy, Off The Beaten Track

15 Fascinating Days
  • Start: Mira
  • Ends: Rome
  • Countries: Italy

Stay 3 nights in a charming 16th century Palace in Ascoli Piceno.

Beautiful Slovenia & Croatia's Istrian Jewels

16 Magnificent Days
  • Start: Vienna
  • Ends: Venice
  • Countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy

Experience a truly authentic taste of Croatia and Slovenia

Leisurely Switzerland, the Glacier Express and Cable Car Adventures

15 Astonishing Days
  • Start: Milan
  • Ends: Zurich
  • Countries: Switzerland, Italy

Ride in panoramic carriages and enjoy private boat rides across spectacular lakes and alps

La Grande France

16 Wonderful Days
  • Start: Paris
  • Ends: Nice
  • Countries: France

Explore the dramatic Calanques on a coastal cruise along the Côte d’Azur.

André Rieu, Rhine Castles & Moselle Vineyards

11 Superb Days
  • Start: Frankfurt
  • Ends: Frankfurt
  • Countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

Experience the spectacular concert experience of world-famous violinist André Rieu, in his home town.

Belgium & Holland, Cobblestones & Windmills

11 Delightful Days
  • Start: Brussels
  • Ends: Amsterdam
  • Countries: Belgium, The Netherlands

Relax on a boat ride through Ghent’s delightful canals & sample chocolate in the beautiful Galeries Royales.

Best of British

17 Fascinating Days
  • Start: London
  • Ends: London
  • Countries: United Kingdom, Wales

Spend a day touring the stunning Lake District and cruise on Lake Windermere.

Black Forest, the Bavarian Alps, and Austria

14 Wonderful Days
  • Start: Frankfurt
  • Ends: Munich
  • Countries: Austria, Germany

Follow the scenic Lakes District road and relax over lunchtime in picturesque, lakeside Wolfgangsee

Croatia & the Adriatic

13 Relaxing Days
  • Start: Trogir
  • Ends: Dubrovnik
  • Countries: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Experience a wine and oyster boat ride & visit Krka’s dramatic waterfalls.

Glorious Germany & the Czech Republic

14 Glorious Days
  • Start: Berlin
  • Ends: Munich
  • Countries: Czech Republic, Germany

Visit majestic Saxon Switzerland & glide through the waterways of the ‘Spree Forest’.

Hidden Italy, the Lands of the Etruscans

10 Captivating Days
  • Start: Rome
  • Ends: Rome
  • Countries: Italy

Savour lunch on a shady terrace with spectacular views over the Lazio countryside.

The Ireland Connection

15 Wonderful Days
  • Start: Dublin
  • Ends: Dublin
  • Countries: Ireland

Embark on an unforgettable journey with wonderful sightseeing

Italian Alternativo

15 Fascinating Days
  • Start: Mira
  • Ends: Rome
  • Countries: Italy

Stay 3 nights in a charming 16th century Palace in Ascoli Piceno.

Italy, the Deep South & Sicily

17 Superb Days
  • Start: Rome
  • Ends: Palermo
  • Countries: Italy

Visit beautiful Ortigia Island, the historical heart of ancient Syracuse.

The Italian 'Grande'

18 Glorious Days
  • Start: Milan
  • Ends: Rome
  • Countries: Italy

Discover the fairytale ‘town of towers’ San Gimignano.

Italian Lakes & Tuscany

16 Wonderful Days
  • Start: Milan
  • Ends: Venice
  • Countries: Italy

Cruise to world famous Portofino and the hidden Abbey of San Fruttuoso.

'Magnifico' Spain and Portugal

18 Glorious Days
  • Start: Madrid
  • Ends: Madrid
  • Countries: Portugal, Spain

See Segovia’s dramatic Alcázar and relax beside the massive stone aqueduct.

Northern Spain & the Pyrenees

17 Superb Days
  • Start: Madrid
  • Ends: Barcelona
  • Countries: Spain, France

Stay 3 nights in Spain’s culinary capital of San Sebastián.

Sardinia & Corsica, the Lands of Myths and Legends

15 Fascinating Days
  • Start: Cagliari
  • Ends: Bastia
  • Countries: France, Italy

Prepare to be awestruck by the stunning cliff-top town of Bonifacio.

Scandinavia - In the Footsteps of Vikings

18 Superb Days
  • Start: Oslo
  • Ends: Oslo
  • Countries: Norway

Take in the views from the incredible Geiranger Skywalk.

Sicily, Malta & Aeolian Islands

15 Captivating Days
  • Start: Palermo
  • Ends: Valletta
  • Countries: Malta, Sicily, Italy

Take a day cruise to explore delightful Panarea