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How to Plan a European Holiday | Albatross Tours

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Planning a Europe trip? A little preparation can go a long way to ensuring a brilliant holiday. Read our guide to get ready for your time abroad.


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Sardinia The Su Gologone Hotel Experience | Albatross Tours


In the east of Sardinia are the wild hills of the Supramonte Mountains, where shepherds commonly live, and until recently, banditry flourished! And home to the hotel Su Gologone.


Traveller Stories: Exploring the Forgotten Islands of the Mediterranean

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Les and his wife were looking to see somewhere 'different' They enjoyed the mix of history, cultures, food, and wine they discovered on this magical tour.

Author: Albatross Traveller

Why Travel to Sardinia & Corsica?


Think Italy and France. You’re probably picturing towers of Pisa or Eiffel, the Colosseum, the Louvre, or the canals of Venice, right? Albatross Tours show you these and more!