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How to Plan a European Holiday | Albatross Tours

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Planning a Europe trip? A little preparation can go a long way to ensuring a brilliant holiday. Read our guide to get ready for your time abroad.


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The 7 Modern Wonders of Europe | Albatross Tours

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Europe might be known for its rich history, but there’s much more to this continent than medieval churches and Roman ruins...


13 Films that will transport you to war time Europe


To commemorate the ANZACs we are sharing our favourite films capturing the amazing stories of bravery and hardship from the battlefields and war torn cities of Europe and beyond.

Author: Euan Landsborough

7 Insider Travel Tips for Europe

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Trying to find travel tips for Europe? Bored of hearing “remember your passport” and other basics? We’ve got some in-depth advice to enhance your trip.


A Guide to Getting Through Airports in Europe | Albatross Tours

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Worried about going through customs in Europe? Our tips can help you breeze through Europe’s busiest airports. Check out our airport survival guide here.


Discover the Natural Wonders of Europe | Albatross Tours


Take some time out of your day to discover these natural wonders of Europe and see how beautifully dramatic this corner of the world really is.


Tips for How to Choose a Tour | Albatross Tours

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A holiday abroad can be an incredible, life-changing experience. To make sure this is the case for your upcoming getaway, it’s crucial you choose the best possible tour.