Signature meals across Europe

Signature meals across Europe

When you’re travelling throughout Europe, sampling the local food and drinks at each destination is a great way to immerse yourself, tastebuds and all, into the local culture. Here’s a quick look at some of the continent’s most iconic meals.

Arancini or Suppli – Italy


One of the most favoured dishes in Southern Italy is the delicious stuffed rice ball known as an Arancini. Did you know that the Romans have their own version of the Sicilian snack? Suppli, usually have a more tomato-based style rice, while the Sicilian style will have a yellow saffron rice. Both are then stuffed with cheeses, meats or vegetable depending on taste.

Champ or Colcannon – Ireland

Ireland’s obsession with all things potato is apparent when you are trying either one of these dishes.  What is the difference between them? Both are made from mashed potatoes, butter, salt, green onions, however Colcannon will also have either cabbage or kale mixed through as well

Cheese – France

“A meal without cheese, is like a day without sunshine”, a beautiful proverb that sums up the importance of cheese in France.  With over 1000 different varieties available, you will be able to select a cheese for any time or mood of the day.  Great tip, by some cheese from the local supermarket and eat them for lunch in the park with crispy baguette and other assortments.

Currywurst – Germany

A most loved street-food eaten all over Germany.  It is a snack of sausage covered in a sauce made up of curry powder and ketchup.  Depending on which region you are in, the type of sausage used and whether it has been fried or steamed varies as does whether additional toppings are added to it. There is even a dedicated museum to the Currywurst in Berlin!

Frites – Belgium

Belgium’s chips or fries are the best!  They are usually double fried to make them extra crunchy and served with a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce.  Eat them on their own in a paper cone while walking down the cobblestoned streets or enjoy them as a side dish with your ‘moules’ (mussels steamed to perfection).

Fry-Up – England


Nothing beats a full English breakfast with bacon, sausages, baked beans, runny eggs, blood sausage, fried bread and cup of milky tea.  A generous meal that will power you through the day as you venture out exploring.

Haggis – Scotland


Yes, you need to try Haggis.  A spiced, savoury pudding made from sheep’s lungs and other offal.  It may not sound the most appealing, but it is surprising, very tasty.  Mostly served with ‘neeps’ and ‘tatties’, it is a hearty meal that will keep you warm and full, especially with a dram of whiskey.

Sachertorte – Austria

One of the most famous cakes in Vienna.  This chocolate cake bathed in an apricot glaze and then iced with a semi firm chocolate ganache.  Made for visiting royalty in 1832, it is one of the most famous culinary specialties of Austria.

Toast Skagen – Sweden

One of the most favourite and classical dishes to try in Sweden.  An elegant dish of prawns, crème fraiche, dill, lemon and roe served on top of a hearty rye bread. The bread is often lightly sautéed or toasted for extra crunch.

Tapas or Pinchos - Spain

Depending on where you are in Spain, depends on how you refer to these delicious small portions of food that are found in bars and restaurants around the country.  The selection can be varied, may be served on pieces of bread or even on a stick.  Regardless, always check if you are to order it or if you can help yourself from the portions that are often proudly displayed on counter tops.  Such a great way to try the amazing variety and produce of Spanish cuisine.

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