Amazing Castles of Europe

Amazing Castles of Europe


Castles are the heart of what makes Europe a magical place to explore. They have rich histories and are back better than ever thanks to fantasy pop culture dominating the online realm. 

From being nestled in lush surroundings or perched high in the mountains, there is a castle to suit your adventuring tastes.

We have curated a list of the best castles you can explore in Europe.

Blarney Castle – Ireland 

Surrounded by verdant landscapes stands the two-tower fortification, Blarney Castle. While partially a ruin, this fantastical establishment is still visitable and has numerous features.

Legends say that whoever kisses the Blarney Stone will be gifted great eloquence or the ‘gift of the gab’ – or so the legend says. Many people have braved the castle to kiss the stone in the hopes of being granted this wondrous gift. 

If you’re not into smooching stones, then wander through the botanical gardens. The native lakes and woodlands within the grounds are home to some diverse native wildlife.

You can explore this magnificent castle and its surroundings on The Ireland Connection Tour.

Pena Palace – Portugal

The colourful charm of Portugal extends to its Pena Palace – a vibrant castle that stands proudly in the Sintra Mountains. 

Surrounding this opulent castle with abundant greenery is Pena Park. Home to a variety of exotic trees and statues, exploring this whimsical garden allows you to go deeper into the history of this marvellous castle.  

When travelling on the 'Magnifico' Spain and Portugal Tour, you can venture to the dramatic Pena Palace and marvel in its grandeur.

The Castle of the Counts – Belgium

Boarded by glistening canals, the gothic-inspired Castle of Counts looms tall in Ghent. This mediaeval spectacle has had many lives, from its powerful beginnings as a castle to an intimidating prison. It was even a cotton factory at one point! 

Weave through the corridors and wander up to the rook and take in the jaw-dropping views. When the snow falls in the winter, watch this castle become a charming winter wonderland.

If you want a comedic twist on history, then make sure you go on the audio tour guide. Narrated by Wouter Deprez, experience a witty perspective on the trials and tribulations of the Castle of the Counts.

Walk through the many lives of the Castle of the Counts when you’re on our Belgium & Holland, Cobblestones and Windmills Tour.

Het Loo Palace – Netherlands

In the heart of Apeldoorn is Het Loo Palace, a pristine abode that boasts sleek symmetrical gardens. Upon entering this lavish palace, explore the manicured, flamboyant gardens and work your way towards the grand abode.

The castle was revamped into a museum more than 30 years ago, allowing you to fully immerse yourself with Dutch history. Reflecting the bold exterior, the interior boasts patterned walls, framed paintings and golden embellishments. 

Traverse the beautiful gardens and learn more about this marvellous palace on the Belgium & Holland, Cobblestones and Windmills Tour.

Prague Castle – Prague

Found in the centre of Prague’s historic centre, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. This luxurious archaic wonder was built in the late 9th century, with interior features such as vaulted ceilings and opulent chandeliers. 

Surrounding Prague Castle are whimsical gardens that are adorned with fountains and sculpted hedges. Golden lights illuminate the castle’s spires at night, bringing this magnificent abode to life. 

You can explore Prague Castle in the Hradčany district and uncover this beautiful city's layered history on our Glorious Germany & the Czech Republic Tour.

From unique designs to fairy-tale gardens, there are many castles out there to spark your imagination. 

Let our European Touring Specialists help you to uncover your next adventure.

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